Dne sobota 29. decembra 2007 je Idris Samawi Hamid napisal(a):
> Attached is the text file I use for Notepad++. It's (almost) complete and
> based on Hans' Scite files.

Hi, Idris!

Thanks :]
I'll need to add the brackets in myself, but that's the least I can do to give 
back to the ConTeXt community!

> I miss Kate and hope to check it out again whenever I get time to play
> with Linux again (it's been about four years).

Kate doesn't use the autocompletion itself, but if we manage to completely 
ConTeXt-ify Kile (which uses Kate), it will be one sweet ride :]

Dne sobota 29. decembra 2007 je Mojca Miklavec napisal(a):
> Do you know http://texshow.contextgarden.net/? (not that you can use
> it directly, but only to see ...)

No, I didn't. Thanks for the link :D Are there all the currently valid 
commands listed?

> Once you have the basic syntax ready: can you also convince the
> developers to support a list of what's allowed inside [options]?
> For example, it might be that only
>     \setupsomething[style=bold|italic|slanted|\command,strut=yes|no]
> is allowed.

From what I saw this is not yet implemented in Kile — not even for LaTeX or 
pure TeX. But the idea is really great, so I'll try my best to conveince 


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