Hi Mojka and Everyone,

Seems like the ConTeXT Wiki is down again.  Judging from the list it 
would seem this was a regular problem. 

I'd really like to give back to the community by helping Context Garden 
grow into a one-stop shopping site for all ConTeXt seekers.  Currently, 
things are a bit too haphazard for my tastes.  I think it makes the 
learning curve harder than it really should be. 

I'm a Linux system admin, and web developer, so I could help with 
troubleshooting, upgrades, hosting (have my own shared server), 
categorizing content, soliciting articles, fleshing out the FAQ, moving 
some answers from the list archives to the Wiki, creating screencasts 
and tutorials, and stuff like that. 

Now would be a good time for me to work on this, as I've been ill and 
have lots of free time in bed. 

It would be wonderful to help ConTeXt's bid for world domination by 
crafting the best experience possible for new and experienced users to 
find what they need quickly. 

Please do contact me and let me know how I might be useful. 

With warmest regards,

Corin Royal Drummond
San Francisco
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