> I'm a Linux system admin, and web developer, so I could help with 
> troubleshooting, upgrades, hosting (have my own shared server), 

  The problem is really hosting.  For some reason, the machine, a
virtual server with approximately 20GB disk space, stops responding to
HTTP queries (or SSH, etc.) when the main partition is about 99% full or
so.  Patrick Gundlach, who runs the server, has already discussed
options to migrate it, but the situation has remained the same for the
last few months.  We have not attempted to diagnose the problem (in case
you have any idea ...).

  Actually, now I think about it, you would certainly be welcome to run
a mirror of the Garden in the U.S., since Patrick's machine is located
in Germany.  This would probably be even better than simply replacing it
(and of course still leaves the particular problem to be solved on the
German server, but it must have happened three or four times in the past
six months, so it's not that terrible either).

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