While typesetting some proceedings, I stumpled upon the following  

\setupheads seems to do nothing - I must set every option for every  
head separately.
AFAIR this is broken "forever", at least it was the same in 2000.

should switch off the header only on that page where the chapter  
starts, shouldn't it? (It disables headers completely.)
Or how else would I achieve that?

Numbered itemizations suddenly(?) start with 0 - as this may be  
suitable for programmers, but it's, ehm, a bit unusual in every other  
Hm, it works in the garden.

Is it possible to include footnotes in tables in the normal footnote  
numbering and placement?
(At the moment I use localfootnotes to enable footnotes in tables at  
all, but that's unsatisfying.)

Is it possible to disable hyphenation in titles?

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