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* Robin Kirkham wrote on Apr/18/2008:
> I want to set up a shared bibliographic reference database for my  research 
> group, and I'm looking at 
> software like refbase http://refbase.sourceforge.net/ or refdb 
> http://refdb.sourceforge.net/ to  replace 
> the somewhat random collection of personal BibTeX .bib files  we have.
> Does anyone have any experience or advice to offer in using such  things, and 
> hooking them up to ConTeXt?  
> Most of these systems will  of course emit a .bib file which will obviously 
> work, but will any  emit the 
> .bbl so I can forget about BibTeX?  Will luatex one day  connect to a bib 
> database and fetch the details 
> of a cited  reference?  Is there a ConTeXt "approved" way forward for this 
> sort  of thing?

Not that I am able to help you very much further, but I am right now in a 
similar situation. I am in the 
process of setting up a db with wikindx http://wikindx.sf.net/ The main 
developer is obviously not working 
with any TeX flavour, but there is some Bibtex im-/export (which also concerns 
only .bib files) that I am 
ATM fiddling with, but I thought I might add that one to the list of databases 
you mentioned.

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