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> >>>>> "Wolfgang" == <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>  Wolfgang> You could also write
>  Wolfgang> % engine=xetex
>  Wolfgang> or
>  Wolfgang> texexec --xtx myfile
>  Thanks. I know about that and checked that it works with both xetex and
>  luatex, although I'm mostly interested in luatex.
>  Wolfgang> As Hraban told you need a font with the symbols.
>  Right. Therefore it would be nice to have working example on wiki.


Indeed. I was the one creating that page. This was before XeTeX/LuaTeX
became popular. I then installed the cm-super fonts where cyrillic
letters are available and used them more or less as is explained

Please update it with the current example. I think everybody agree
that the solution from this thread is the way to go.

Best regards, Micke P
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