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> Khaled Hosny wrote:
>> Using Luatex engine, ZWNJ and ZWJ chars are rendered incorrectly. If the
>> font has a glyph for it, it does the expected behaviour (force
>> non-joining or joining respectively) but the glyph get rendered while it
>> shouldn't. But if the font has no glyphs for it, it has no effect at
>> all. See the attached example.
> i uploaded a beta
> after analyzing i now remove the joiners

Not sure if this is the best approach:

Despite what MS Typography says, I think it's important to maintain the  
joiner info after analysis. If I select text from a pdf, the joiner info  
should be there. This is important for, eg, switching from Arabic-language  
to Farsi-language typography. So If I select some pdf text formatted  
according to Farsi rules, I should be able to save that text with the  
rules included.

Can this be made an option, so fonts that contain zwj zwnj are not  

Best wishes

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International Journal of Shi`i Studies
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