Dear all,

I want small caption texts in a document. However, neither of the
following two alternatives work:


\placefigure[here][none]{Some math $x=y$}{Dummy figure}

In both cases the text is small, but math font is not changed. I can
solve this by doing a \switchtobodyfont in the caption, but I'd like
to do it only once and for all. I guess I have the same problem in all
environments where there is a style= parameter. (For now, I also would
like to set it in \setupmarginblocks.

I've tested this both on mkii and mkiv and with updated (minimal) ConTeXt.

Best regards, Mikael Persson

PS Any progress in getting the fourier (utopia+fourier) fonts to work
in the new minimals? I miss that combination of fonts. I did not get
the reason of why it is not included anymore.
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