Thanks to everyone who helped me get the minimals installed.

I am having a little trouble. At my home computer, I have the Context 
installation for Ubuntu 7.04 from the sanjoy tex-live backports. At work 
I now have the minimals, --context=current, not beta. I expected that 
the output of these two systems would be nearly identical. They are not.

I do not use any special font handling. I let Context handle it all. I 
use whatever the default fonts are, and use \setupbodyfont only to set 
fontsize. The same source run on both machines produces slightly 
different margins and slightly different font sizes. The minimals are 
smaller (shorter) for the same font size (11 pt). I really would like to 
get the same output for both systems.

Can anyone help with this?

-Erich Fickel
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