Erich R Fickel wrote:
> Thanks to everyone who helped me get the minimals installed.
> I am having a little trouble. At my home computer, I have the Context 
> installation for Ubuntu 7.04 from the sanjoy tex-live backports. At work 
> I now have the minimals, --context=current, not beta. I expected that 
> the output of these two systems would be nearly identical. They are not.
> I do not use any special font handling. I let Context handle it all. I 
> use whatever the default fonts are, and use \setupbodyfont only to set 
> fontsize. The same source run on both machines produces slightly 
> different margins and slightly different font sizes. The minimals are 
> smaller (shorter) for the same font size (11 pt). I really would like to 
> get the same output for both systems.
> Can anyone help with this?

Is it a letter vs A4 thing perhaps?

Best wishes,

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