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> Hi John,
> John Culleton wrote:
> > Therefore the problem lies in the recent Context I have been using,
> > and not in ghostscript nor in my code.
> I am fairly certain the bug will also go away if you start your new
> context documents with
>         \pdfobjcompresslevel=0
> or
>        \pdfminorversion=4
solve my problems with ghostscript at least from 2005;
from  8.62, gs has some problems with fonts and rotate last page 90
or counter clockwise with some pdf .
gs 8.63 works only with
(I mean, same problems of gs 8.62.)

> as that automatically suppresses object compression, the number one
> cause of ghostscript issues with newer pdf files.
Not only with pdf, even in compilation.
Starting from 8.62
I 'm not able to build libgs from source tree because there are some
binaries that do not compile.
I must compile  ghostpdl, take these intermediary binaries  (echogs, I
believe, and some others)
put them into ghostscript tree and recompile.

Funny, after all.

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