Aditya and Hans,

Thanks very much for your replies. I suppose I should install minimals afterall.
Still using the TexLive version. 

I have two new questions:

(1) In the following code the triangle outline (obtained with the "draw"
command) does not rotate, i.e., I get the same triangle as without the "rotated"
command. On the other hand the fill command rotates as expected. What is wrong?

pickup pencircle scaled 2pt;
numeric u;
draw (0,0) -- dir(0)*u -- dir(60)*u --cycle rotated 60;
fill (0,0) -- dir(0)*u -- dir(60)*u --cycle rotated 60 withcolor 

(2) Is there a command to scale the whole picture...not the components? 

Thanks very much. 

I have said this before but want to say this again. Thanks so much to the
developers of Context who have given us this wonderful system. Thanks also to
all the people on this mailing list who take their precious time to answer

If your question is of interest to others as well, please add an entry to the 

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