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> >> (2) Is there a command to scale the whole picture...not the components?
> Parse error. In my view, the whole picture *is* the components.
> Best wishes,
> Taco

Hi Taco,

Sorry for the typo and for not being clear. I meant the following. I know that
"scaled" command can be used to scale any particular component. To scale the
whole picture does one have to scale each and every component individually, or
is there one command that scales every component. 

One way is perhaps to define a variable, say u=1cm and express all measurements
in terms of "u". Then by changing just "u" one can scale the whole picture (and
all the components) up or down. Is there another way? For example, in TikZ there
is a command "scale" which scales the entire picture if put as an option to
\begin{tikzpicture}. I was wondering if something like that is available in
Metapost too.

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