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anyhow, this repos / table ... can we also add info about features and to what extend they are supported? i.e. the quality of the feature support in
a font an dmaybe the defaults?

 Oh yes, that would be great.  Seeing the output of otfinfo -f, or
anything equivalent, would be immensively helpful in the choice of a

This is what I want to do with my fontbook project, a book with samples
of free fonts (left side all style plus features, right side example text).

Adobe provides a font with a few symbols of opentype features

The document is in a earyl state and I try to automate large parts (save font related information like name, feature, typescript etc. in a lua table or xml file) and to find a better example text (english, continued text, the gutenberg
project offers nice texts).

[2] (can't find the original link from Adobe)


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