On Thu, 9 Apr 2009, Andy Wong wrote:


I have tried the example using the vim mode to typeset some c codes. When I
run the sample file, context stop with errors. the sample file and log file
list below. I use the windowsXP with the minimal context from ConTeXt garden
and \write18 is enabled.  From the log file, it seems the vim command is not
properly quoted as follows:

MTXrun | executing: vim "-u NONE -e -C -n -V10log -c set" "tabstop=8 -c
"on -c set" "syntax=c -c let" "contextstartline=1 -c let" "contextstopline=0
source" "c:/context/tex/texmf-context/tex/context/third/vim/2context.vim -c
vimdemo-vimsyntax.tmp "
I check the t-vim.tex, the definition of the vim command is correct. I don't
know why the \shellescapedquote is not properly resolved.
Any help? thanks.

Does changing "noquote" to "noquotes" in line 797 of t-vim help?

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