On Thu, 9 Apr 2009, Andy Wong wrote:


I have tried the example using the vim mode to typeset some c codes. When I
run the sample file, context stop with errors. the sample file and log file
list below. I use the windowsXP with the minimal context from ConTeXt garden
and \write18 is enabled.  From the log file, it seems the vim command is not
properly quoted as follows:

Another attempt. Does the following test file work for you?

%%% Start file


      {mtxrun --verbose bin:vim
       -u NONE  % No need to read unnessary configurations
       -e       % run in ex mode
       -C       % Set compatibile
       -n       % No swap
       -c \shellescapedquote set tabstop=\@@vstab\shellescapedquote\space
       -c \shellescapedquote syntax on\shellescapedquote\space
       -c \shellescapedquote set syntax=\@@vssyntax\shellescapedquote\space
       -c \shellescapedquote let 
       -c \shellescapedquote let contextstopline=\@@vsstop\shellescapedquote  
       -c \shellescapedquote source kpse:2context.vim\shellescapedquote\space
       -c \shellescapedquote wqa\shellescapedquote\space

\definevimtyping [C] [syntax=c]
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
void main()
  printf("Hello World\n") ;

%%% End file

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