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 Hi all,
I just wanted to add that with the latest ConTeXt beta 2009.04.21 16:11
and LuaTeX beta-0.40.0-2009042222, \nolist is no longer defined. I've been
using \nolist with long table captions, so I don't get the whole caption in
the list of tables. Is there a new way to accomplish this?




 {\select{caption}{Foo.}{Foo. Bar, Baz}}


ah .. you always surprise me .. i'd even forgot about that one

upcoming structure code will provide


You anticipated my next question! This is great news...I've always wanted to
be able to specify the text that should go in the bookmark when the title
itself includes markup.

that has always been possible ...

\chapter{Some Text}

\bookmark{Overloads the previous one}

But, will there be similar support for specifying bookmark text for things
like \completelistoffigures? Right now, the bookmark says something like
'\headtext{figures}' in my PDF viewer.

you can turn on expansion (\setuplist[figure][expansion=yes]) but indeed this will be taken care of;

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