On Sunday 14 June 2009 15:16:20 Hans Hagen wrote:
> keys like 'partnumber' are gone in mkiv; we now have sets and segments;
> here is the variant with segments: (2 = section 2 == chapter)
> \setuphead[part]   [resetnumber=no,placehead=yes]
> % \setuphead[chapter][sectionsegments=2:100]
> % \setuphead[section][sectionsegments=2:100]
> \setupstructureheads[sectionsegments=2:100]
> you can tune each number (also at list placement time or whatever)

Thanks. But I am not sure that I understand the syntax, sorry.
I tried looking at the code, but did not get very far.

Blindly using the following minimal example, I almost get
the desired result, but the parts are unnumbered.
I would like:

Part I. part one
Chapter 1. chapter one
1.1 section one\setuplist[part,chapter,section][partnumber=no]
1.2 section two
Chapter 2. chapter two
2.1 section one
2.2 section two
Part II. part two
Chapter 3. chapter three
3.1 section one
3.2 section two
Chapter 4. chapter four
4.1 section one
4.2 section two

%mkii \setuplist[part,chapter,section][partnumber=no]
\part{part one}
\chapter{chapter one}
\section{section one}
\section{section two}
\chapter{chapter two}
\section{section one}
\section{section two}
\part{part two}
\chapter{chapter three}
\section{section one}
\section{section two}
\chapter{chapter four}
\section{section one}
\section{section two}

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