Hello members,

there is some problem. After I changed to Ubuntu version 9.04, 
ConTeXt is not working anymore as I expected.
I'm using the following modules:

### Begin: ###
% always used in pdflatex



% module for flowchart


% use of bib module




%\setuppublications[numbering=yes, sorttype=bbl,criterium=all]

\setuppublications[numbering=yes, sorttype=bbl]



%\usemodule[nath] % not use this module! amsl doesn't work anymore.


% Figures and more

% USED IN example pgfmanual




### End. ###

But after the new installation ConTeXt cannot find
the modules amsmath and latexsym and more of these 
modules, you can read on the first line. 
What to do?? (newmat is not an option!!)
What I have to change such that ConTeXt find these 
packages, de style-files of amsmath, etc.,



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