Henning Hraban Ramm wrote:
Am 2009-06-13 um 04:29 schrieb Yue Wang:

right now the most important thing missing in the distribution is:
gs, ruby, xml stuffs, gzip, zip, and tidy.

of course; at best just include a whole Windows.

No, really, before providing everything in some monster install, better provide a Linux VM image.

the mswincontext zip always provided ruby and gs and as well as xmlproc and xsltproc

it's just that now that we have the garden minimals i no longer make my own so making mswincontex makes less sense too

however, mojca and i are working on a garden based variant (scite and texworks)

btw, if one uses mkiv, ruby is no longer needed unless one wants to run specific scripts that are not yet luafied; but then, installing ruby is no big deal anyway


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