Am 21.02.10 21:37, schrieb Vyatcheslav Yatskovsky:

Weird, but when I use rather big linespace
and set \setupfloats[spaceafter=medium], then the error rises.

With less interlinespace value or without spaceafter all works ok.
Found the culprit.

From strc-flt.mkiv:

\def\betweenfloatblanko% assumes that spaceafter is present

The float commands tries to perform \blank[-medium] in Vyatcheslav example
but this fails in MkIV because '-medium' is not a valid keyword for \blank.

As a temporary solution you can add

\definevspacingamount [-medium] [-\medskipamount] [-0.50\bodyfontlineheight]

to your file till Hans fix this in the core. I guess the best is to check for
a hyphen in keyword (analyze funtion in spac-ver.lua) and set amount to -1
or something similar.


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