Am 18.03.10 11:14, schrieb Aditya Mahajan:
It is, however, not completely perfect. With the following example, I
get the attached result. I think the prime is too close to the f and
I don't know. Do they come out correctly with latex? If so, it may be a bug in luatex's italic correction.
LaTeX use virtual fonts and we use the tfm files only.
also, sin should be "upright" and not italic. Any ideas?
Try (Untested)

\definetypeface[charter][mm][math] [charter] [default] [text=rm]
The problem is the fonts do not contain roman letters and I use the italic
style or the Charter fonts.

{ name = "file:bchri8a", features = "virtualmath", main = true },

LaTeX solves this with virtual fonts but we have only tfm’s.


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