On 11-4-2010 3:25, Steffen Wolfrum wrote:
Hi all,

In a book on construction engineering I found two kind of tables that 
presumably could be set very nicely in ConTeXt (see attachments). Set with 
MetaPost within natural tables?

1) Curly braces that span over cells: Their height should be depending to the 
cell's height (nr=2 oder nr=3).

2) Arrows that are pointing from one cell to an other (middle or border of 

To me this looks like standard purpose, that most like is already pre-defined 
somewhere in Metapost/MetaFun/ConTeXt (MkII please!) ...

Is there any MetaPost guru out there that knows these cases?

use textbackgrounds ... instead of drawing lines you then do a textext that does a \left{ in math alongside a vbox that has the height of the lefgt boundary etc etc

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