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    3. Re: \MPpos, pxy, initialize_box(), oh my! (Hongwen Qiu)

hi hongwen,
thanks for taking an interest.

my initial post had a mistake:  i meant to refer to the /Metafun/ manual, not 
the Metapost manual.  that probably didn't help.

i guess what i should have said is, i know that pxy can give me the bounding 
/box/ (the rectangle with the maximum horizontal and vertical extents of its 
contents, be they set in horizontal or vertical mode), but can it give me the 
subset of that, the bounding /path/, if you will, when the contents are text 
which flows over several lines.  the bounding /path/ may not be rectangular, 
although it will be something like the union of the bounding boxes of the 
text's individual lines.

i think if you look at the correct reference, the difference of the effects is 
clear.  i think the challenge is that you don't know where the line breaks will 
occur until you typeset it.   --adam

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