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I uploaded a beta. Peter Rolf and I have spent quite some time on pdfx related issues (mostly trying to figure out the right specs and how to deal with them). We started with a command driven interface but eventually it ended up with a single command:


Lookups are case insensitive. The intent can be a comma separated list of profiles. The name is resolved using colo-icc.xml (or color- icc.lua) but one can also pass a (list of) files using the 'file' key. You can check handling with:


When choosing a format, color spaces, transparency and layers are automatically disabled in the backend code but they do function in the frontend. Of course included images are the user's responsibility but color etc in MP graphics should work out ok.

There are probably rough edges.

Wow! PDF/X support would have deserved a major announcement! Finally! Great!
(Will try about next week...)

Greetlings, Hraban
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