Hello Jonas,
here is dimensional correction according to the dimensions in the parameter:

\def\bell#1{\setbox0=\hbox{#1}\framed[offset=none, frame=off, width=\the\wd0, height=\the\ht0]{\externalfigure[bell.pdf][width=\the\wd0,height=\the\ht0]}}


Dne 14.12.2010 14:10, Jonas Stein napsal(a):
bell.pdf provides a small bell in black and white as
i'd like to get that bell in height of the current letter "f"
on the position where i type \bell

my first test with
creates a bell with lentgh of 1em... but

How can i get a small bell?

… \symbol{bell} …
that works fine. Thank you.

the bell has the size of a small 'n' how can i scale it to the
size of an 'f'?

  … \bell …

fails. Why?

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