Dear Hans,

On Mon, 28 Feb 2011, Hans Hagen wrote:

to be precise, the attachment is attached once
but is listed twice by Adobe Reader.
i'll patch lpdf-wid
on one hand your patch fixes the bug that is in the Subj. of the thread,

this is a bit of a weird comment given that i haven't uploaded anything that you can comment on; as far as i can see there were a couple of issues: attachments without associated annotation, and labeling and both are covered, but using the same command and extra keys/values ...

sorry for being so dumb,
but on one hand you "haven't uploaded anything",
on the other "there were a couple of issues" that "are covered" by now,
and on the third one brought me this morning lpdf-wid.lua
that now has ---
local ignorereferenced = true -- fuzzy pdf spec .. twice in attachment list, 
can become an option
etc. - that change caused my comment.

On the positive side - ConTeXt internals are your internal affairs,
you are more sovereign than some kings and revolution leaders ;)
Just tell us what that user-level "extra keys/values" are and we'll sing, dance and rejoice, being innocent of knowing what only the ConTeXt creator is to know.

      Sincerely, Michail
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