Dear contexers,

I get the impression that cals tables need to be processed separately from the main docbook file.
Instead of <table> and <tbody>, etc. the tags are changed into <cals:table>, <cals:tbody>, etc.

I first tried to process the file x-cals-test.tex pointed to by Hans.

This file loads two other files

However, the file x-cals-test.xml is not valid.

Therefore I took one of the simple cals tables from within that file, making sure it contains one of the cdx attributes (cdx="vertical") and saved it in x-cals-test2.xml. My xml software says that the file is valid, and it opens normally.

The file are processed now, but the table is not typeset.
Instead there is an error message printed in the pdf file: invalid xml file - parsed text.

The log file says: lxml            : no directives found in 'x-cals-test.cdx' (more log information further)

It seems that the directives are not processed.

Attachment: x-cals-test2.xml
Description: XML document



systems         : begin file cals-test.tex at line 50
lxml            : no directives found in 'x-cals-test.cdx'
systems         : end file cals-test.tex at line 53
mkiv lua stats : used config file          - /prog2/context/tex/texmf/web2c/texmfcnf.lua
mkiv lua stats : used cache path           - /prog2/context/tex/texmf-cache/luatex-cache/context/b37116f3b39a5afbaa249111be7bfbba
mkiv lua stats : input load time           - 0.008 seconds
mkiv lua stats : stored bytecode data      - 261 modules, 56 tables, 317 chunks
mkiv lua stats : loaded tex modules        - 1 requested, 1 found (*-cals), 0 missing
mkiv lua stats : cleaned up reserved nodes - 30 nodes, 9 lists of 411
mkiv lua stats : node memory usage         - 18 glue_spec
mkiv lua stats : node list callback tasks  - 6 unique task lists, 1 instances (re)created, 397 calls
mkiv lua stats : used backend              - pdf (backend for directly generating pdf output)
mkiv lua stats : result saved in file      - cals-test.pdf
mkiv lua stats : fonts load time           - 0.197 seconds 
mkiv lua stats : luatex banner             - this is luatex, version beta-0.65.0-2010121316
mkiv lua stats : control sequences         - 29719 of 165536
mkiv lua stats : current memory usage      - 41 MB (ctx: 42 MB)

Op 9 mrt 2011, om 14:30 heeft Hans Hagen het volgende geschreven:

On 8-3-2011 9:00, R. Ermers wrote:
Dear ConTeXers,

I still have not been able to find out how to proceed with my docbook xml document, which contains a number of cals tables.
The cals module is loaded by means of \usemodule[cals].

How to proceed from here?

Any clue is appreciated!


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