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Thank you. What exactly was the reason to disable the old syntax? Why
not maybe defining it to give at least a warning (or even error)
printing out a message saying what to do. It is a bit weird to see the
code compile fine without ever noticing that something went wrong.

there are a few more primitives disabled (and an overload with message is no option as there is no way to intercept the parser)

reasons: more consistency, less error prone, better tracing etc

Is there any chance that a single command would be provided that would
work both in mkii and mkiv (in mkii it would call \synctex=1 and in
mkiv it would call \enabledirectives[system,synctex])?

                                             ^ period !

i'm not going to bother about mkii in this respect, in mkiv we move away from variables in favor of directives, trackers and experiments


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