> Have you tried \placepublications[criterium=all] or 
> \placepublications[criterium=text]?

Hi Thomas,

you gave me exactly the same hint last week. We should add criterium=cite and 
criterium=text to the Wiki (Bibliography MKIV page: 

In the beginning it was not clear to me, that 
http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Bibliography refers to the MKII implementation of 
Taco. Therefore, I would suggest to rename Bibliography to Bibliography_mkii 
and create an alias Bibliography that redirects to Bibliography_mkiv instead. 
In the wiki pages Bibliography_mkiv and Bibliography_mkii the first sentence 
should state that the page is related to mkii/mkiv only and link to the other 
page. Do you think this is reasonable?

I would like to add a section on customising bibstyle files and add space for 
sharing reference styles of different journals. What do you think?

In general I find it difficult to differentiate between mkiv and mkii related  
information in the wiki. How could we better structure the wiki to make it 
easier for the reader? Disambiguation pages, mkiv/mkii sections, independent 
pages with mkiv/mkii in headerline?


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