Run this:
mtxrun --script fonts --reload

Then check the output of this:
mtxrun --script fonts --list --info --pattern=hoefler*

If it doesn't list your fonts, theres something wrong.

But it may give you something like this:
hoeflertext     hoeflertextregular      Hoefler-Text.ttf
hoeflertextbold hoeflertextbold         Hoefler-TextBf.ttf
... etc. depending on the real names and files.

You then can try to add an option with the correct name to simplefonts:
\setmainfont[Hoefler Text][boldfont=hoeflertextbold]

Am 20:59, schrieb Charles Doherty:
Dear all,

I have been using Hoefler font successfully in a newsletter. I am now 
processing it in MarkIV but I don't get bold or bold italic. Italic is not 
quite the same either. I am using simplefonts. I have the .dfont and the .ttf 
on my system. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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