Am 17.03.2011 um 17:55 schrieb Charles Doherty:

> Dear all,
> I have been using Hoefler font successfully in a newsletter. I am now 
> processing it in MarkIV but I don't get bold or bold italic. Italic is not 
> quite the same either. I am using simplefonts. I have the .dfont and the .ttf 
> on my system. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hoefler Text has only a black and a blackitalic but no bold or bolditalic, 
therefore simplefonts can’t find them and you have to help the command. The * 
is a placeholder for the font name from the first argument.


\setmainfont[Hoefler Text][boldfont={* Black},bolditalicfont={* Black Italic}]

regular \it italic \bf bold and \bi bolditalic


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