On 18.03.2011 03:42, mathew wrote:
On Mar 17, 2011, at 11:53, Stefan Müller wrote:
Yes, I thought so. I just asked, because I couldn't find an environment variable with that name. Even after 
"setuptex.bat" typing "echo %OSFONTDIR%" did only print "%OSFONTDIR%" and not a 
list of paths, as I expected.

There are defaults baked into the binaries. If you don't set the environment 
variable, you get the built-in defaults. That's generally how things work on 

Alright, that would explain it.

On Mar 17, 2011, at 11:53, Stefan Müller wrote:
(2A) Put .afm files to C:\Windows\Fonts
(2B) Put the complete rsfs (containing the .afm and all the other stuff) 
directory to texmf-fonts\fonts

Right... From the point of view of ConTeXt/LuaTeX use, there's no need for the 
fonts to be installed in Windows; you just need to have all the files somewhere 
that OSFONTDIR (or the default font paths) will point. The font outlines will 
be embedded into the PDF by default, so the OS doesn't need to have access to 

The point I was trying to make here was that on my system I _needed_ to install the fonts in Windows first. Otherwise mtxrun wouldn't find them, no matter where the afm files were. This is maybe because of the directory structure, but I have no idea, especially as somewhere it was stated that I should just "put the directory there".

I have the following:
texmf-fonts \ fonts \ rsfs \ *.mf
texmf-fonts \ fonts \ rsfs \ type1 \ *.pfb
texmf-fonts \ fonts \ rsfs \ type1 \ afm \ *.afm
texmf-fonts \ fonts \ rsfs \ type1 \ map \ *.map
texmf-fonts \ fonts \ rsfs \ type1 \ pfm \ *.pfm

mtxrun finds the pfb (pfm) in C:\Windows\Fonts and the afm files here. But it doesn't look for the pfb (pfm) in texmf-fonts... Is this because of the "legacy" issue? It's pretty inconvenient.

- In both versions, step (1) seems to be mandatory. I would expect, that the 
rsfs directory in texmf-fonts\fonts should be enough, as mtxrun clearly 
searches there and all the files are there, too. I don't understand the problem 

Hmm, that *would* explain my problem with getting GhostScript's Type 1 fonts 
working... I must investigate further!

- If the .pfm and .pfb files are sufficient for Windows, why does mtxrun 
specifically search for .afm files and not also for .pfm?

Probably because mtxrun (and the rest of ConTeXt and LuaTeX) are written for 
Unix and ported to Windows, and Unix uses .afm files for metrics. (Except OS X, 
which is different for historical reasons.)

That and .afm files are much easier to work with because they're text files.

But it might not be a bad idea for LuaTeX to automatically perform a pfm2afm 
conversion and cache the converted files when necessary, and probably not that 
hard to code. On the other hand, Type 1 fonts are legacy at this point, so it 
might not be worth it.


I'll keep in mind that the type1 fonts are obsolete. I just thought it would be a nice idea to try "getting some font" with the rsfs first, as there were "full examples" (which do not work here for some reason) on the mailing list.

Thanks for the help,
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