On Tue, 22 Mar 2011, Jeong Dalyoung wrote:

Dear Wolfgang,

Thank you for reminding me the thread.
I also found it yesterday evening and it made me realize how dumb I am.

I am so sorry to give you a needless work.

I'd like to ask you one more.
I was looking for a way to use some characters as an item head like 
\startitemize[a] because an official document usually use numbers and some 
characters as item heads.
For consecutive characters in unicode, it is possible to do that using unicode.


and \defineconversion[][].

But for characters which are not listed consecutively, I don't know how to make 
it appear automatically.
I may use \sym{}
AC00, B098, B2E4, B77C, ...
These are the same characters in the area 320E ~ 321B without parenthesis.
Is it possible to make those characters appear automatically as item heads?

\defineconversion[whatever][One, Two, Three, Four]


  \item First
  \item Second
  \item Third

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