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 Julian Becker <becker.jul...@gmail.com> wrote:
Does anybody know how to implement a continuous numbering of chapters in
documents with several parts?

More specifically: how can I achieve the following numbering scheme (with
unprefixed chapter numbers):
I First part
1 Chapter one
2 Chapter two
II Second part
3 Chapter three

I tried (unsuccessfully) the following:

\part{First part}
\chapter{Chapter one}
\chapter{Chapter two}
\part{Second part}
\chapter{Chapter three}

The here result is something like:
First part
1.1 Chapter one
1.2 Chapter two
Second part
2.1 Chapter three

I tried to get rid of the chapter prefixes by putting
but that had no effect whatsoever.

Any ideas?

Yes: search the list; the same question was asked three weeks ago, together with a solution: http://archive.contextgarden.net/message/20110619.234245.2e8ee926.en.html

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