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Thank you Thomas, and sorry for not having performed a proper search
Still, the thread you refered me to only provides half of what I need (if I
didn't miss anything):

I added the line:
which indeed got rid of the chapter number prefix.
Still, the chapter numbering gets reset in each new part. How can I avoid

Excuse me for sounding a bit grumpy, but please make
complete minimal examples. Which means they should be
compilable, see
http://www.minimalbeispiel.de/mini-en.html. Here is one
such example which does what you want (and this solution could also be found in the list archive):






\startpart[title=First part]
\startchapter[title=Chapter one]
\input tufte
\startchapter[title=Chapter two]
\input tufte
\startpart[title=Second part]
\startchapter[title=Chapter three]
\input tufte
\startchapter[title=Chapter four]
\input tufte

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