Hi All,

I wonder if you can help:

I have been having a problem with \startcolumnsetspan when I was trying to 
create a magazine layout for a Uk psychodrama organisation.

Out of curiosity ( and in the hope i might learn something) i turned on tracing 
for a short example that gives the problem

here is the source of the test.

\input knuth
\dorecurse{3}{\input knuth\par}
\dorecurse{10}{\input knuth\par}

of course it spewed out a huge log file but when looking at it i found this:

\dostartcolumnsetspan [#1][#2][#3]->\endgraf \vskip \zeropoint \bgroup 
\forgetall \ifnum \columnsetlevel >\zerocount \else \columnsetspanhsize \hsize 
\nofcolumns \plusone \mofcolumns \plusone \fi \setupframedtexts [cs:#1] 
[\c!width =\columnsetspanhsize , \c!linecorrection =\v!off , \c!depthcorrection 
=\v!off , #2]\!!countc \namedframedtextparameter {cs:#1}\c!n \!!countd 
\nofcolumns \ifnum \!!countc >\!!countd \!!countc \!!countd \fi \advance 
\!!countd -\mofcolumns \advance \!!countd \plusone \doif 
{\namedframedtextparameter {cs:#1}\c!alternative }\v!a {\ifnum \!!countc 
>\!!countd \!!countc \!!countd \fi }\setcolumnsetspanhsize \mofcolumns 
\!!countc \hsize \columnsetspanhsize \setbox \scratchbox \vbox \bgroup 
\dostartframedtext [cs:#1][\v!none ]\ifnum \columnsetlevel >\zerocount 
\namedframedtextparameter {cs:#1}\c!before \fi \unexpanded \def 
\stopcolumnsetspan {\dostopcolumnsetspan {#1}}
Lua linebreak_filter failed, reverting to default on line 9

Any ideas? my actual document exhibits the same sort of fault. It used to work 
before I had to update the minimals ( some time ago) when I moved to another 
computer and it failed then.

I must say I really like context and appreciate all the hard work that must 
have gone into it. I know that it is a large system and will take me some time 
to get to grips with. 

Any help would be appreciated.


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