long-time reader, first-time writer here. I've been using ConTeXt for
about a year and, until now, been able to solve all my problems using
the wiki or the mailing list, so a "keep up the good work!" is
certainly in order. ;-)

My problem concerns kerning in mkiv, which apparently doesn't work for
all sans-serif fonts. It does seem to work for TeX Gyre Heros and
Latin Modern Sans, but not, as an example of a font shipped with
ConTeXt, DejaVu.

Here's a short testcase:



Token (kerned)

T{\char"200C}oken (unkerned)

{\ss Token (kerned)}

{\ss T{\char"200C}oken (unkerned)}


(U+200C is the "zero width non-joiner", rather useful as an invisible
breaker of kerns and ligatures.)

Expected behavior: first line "To" kerned, second line "To" not
kerned, third line "To" kerned, fourth line "To" not kerned.

Differences to expected behavior on my machine (ConTeXt minimals
2011.07.22 01:29): third line "To" not kerned either.

Thanks for the assistance in advance!

~~ Ondra Hošek
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