Dear ConTeXt folks,

I just experienced a situation that I wanted to try a module, in this
case TikZ [1][2], and I only had run `./`, so the module
and “core” were diverted and I got an error message.

        ! Undefined control sequence.
                system          > tex > error on line 396 in file tikz.tex: 
Undefined control sequence ...
                \pgfutil@addpdfresource@colorspaces ...olorspaces
                l.396 ...rspaces{ /pgfprgb [/Pattern /DeviceRGB] }

Running `./ --extras=all` fixed the problem for me, but
not wanting to install all extras it is quite hard to insert/remember
all extras installed on the system.

Is there a command to prevent these kind of things or should an option
`upgrade` be introduced?




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