Thank you very much Pont. My fault, I found the problem. I had set the "crossref"-key in my bib-entry, which obviously causes that the "booktitle" is not in the bbl file. Now I also understand the .bst files there. Indeed, with the crossref set I don't really need the booktitle in the reference, but it could be useful to have the booktitle also available, in case of a custom style...


On 25.09.2011 21:27, Pontus Lurcock wrote:
On Sun 25 Sep 2011, Stefan Müller wrote:

I have an @incollection-entry with "booktitle" set in a bib-file used in
a ConTeXt document.  Unfortunately there is no \title, generated from
"booktitle", in the respective .bbl file.  Only \arttitle, generated
from the bib-key "title", is present.  Guess it's a bug(?)

Hmm, can't reproduce here. Here's what I'm using:

file test.tex:


file test.bib:

   title = {Averaging of anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility data},
   author = {Ernst, R. E. and Pearce, G. W.},
   booktitle = {Statistical Applications in the Earth Sciences},
   editor = {Agterberg, F. P. and Bonham-Carter, G. F.},
   note = {Paper 89-9},
   pages = {297--305},
   year = {1989},
   publisher = {Geological Survey of Canada}

produces the following test.bbl:


\arttitle{Averaging of anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility data}
\title{Statistical Applications in the Earth Sciences}
\pubname{Geological Survey of Canada}
\note{Paper 89-9}

... and the PDF shows both the article and book title. This works with
MkIV 2011.02.25 and 2011.09.20.

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