On 29-9-2011 13:49, Wolfgang Schuster wrote:

         local tag, plus = match(entry,"^([^%+:]+)(.*)$")


Even when you patch this you don’t get any output because context tries (in the 
example below) to use the label “August:mnem” but only the label “august:mnem” 
is defined.



\NC August      \EQ \labeltext{August}      \NC\NR
\NC August:mnem \EQ \labeltext{August:mnem} \NC\NR
\NC august:mnem \EQ \labeltext{august:mnem} \NC\NR


which makes me wonder ... in the past these v! were used instead of labels but it might make more sense now to lowercase the v!


   ["de"]="August", -- august
   ["en"]="August", -- august

of course the labeltexts stay the same

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