On 16-1-2012 12:39, Felix Ingram wrote:
Hello all,

I've discovered the magic of structureuservariabl and have therefore
converted all my headings to use the start/stop syntax. It's raised a
few quick questions though:

1. Is \startchapter \stopchapter etc the "proper way" to do things
from now on? Or is it really just up to the user?

Indeed it is ... however, there are cases where the old method is still handy, for instance when processing unstructured xml (take xhtml: <h> is just a chapter title then and not structure at all).

2. Is there a way to provide a default value for a
structureuservariable? I'd like to set a reference number based on a
global counter if the user doesn't supply their own.

Currently not ... but I can add it.

3. In a similar vein - is it possible to define a reference for a
section if the user doesn't provide one. E.g. if they provide

\startchapter[title=My Example Chapter]

instead of:

\startchapter[chap:examplechapter][title=My Example Chapter]

\startchapter[reference=chap:examplechapter,title=My Example Chapter]

can I set the reference for them? (I will have some sections that
could be usefully auto-referenced).

how would you refer to such auto reference?

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