Hello Andy,

On 05/23/2012 04:09 PM, Andy Thomas wrote:
I finished a first version of a tufte style sample document that is based on a 
predecessor in another macro language. The auto alignment of the marginals has 
to be improved, but the rest looks already quite decent.

Please see: 

for a full sample document.

Nice work! Decent and nice design, good typesetting, I assume some hand work which of course cannot be avoided to make the result pleasing.

Just two remarks to the layout. Figure descriptions set in to the block (narrow column) produces too large spaces in the lines often. Ragged text would suit it better, I think.

Side notes set ragged left (rigth justyfied) on left pages are quite difficult to read, I would make them ragged right (left justified) on all pages and it would break the overall design at all.

Just wondering, why is Optima-Regular embeded so many times?



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