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On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 7:00 PM, Hans Hagen wrote:
On 28-5-2012 18:26, Marco Pessotto wrote:

After a lot of mumbling by myself... Is there a reason not to have the
fonts.missing tracker enabled by default? Performance hit?


Still, given the large amount of data that gets printed during a
compilation (it is basically impossible to figure out if something
goes wrong without carefully looking at the log), I would also support
the idea to print missing characters by default.

one can configure that locally ... much functionality only kicks in when really used (thereby limiting the overhead) and in that case messages also get suppressed till they make sense

I'm also contemplating a different idea (after TL): wouldn't it be
nice if ConTeXt (luatex) would print warnings (missing image, missing
module, missing character, ...) in colour (if that's supported), to
make it clearly stand out from the rest?

i once played with it (1) but such a thing will only work on a console that supports ansi escape sequences (and console output of tex is already rather slow and flushing being character based it might give problems)


(1) in pdftex times ... it failed due to thsu ^^ escaping that tex applies

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