Troy Henderson said:

>I tested this on a black-on-transparent EPS that was created via MetaPost, and 
>it seems to work fine.  If you are not using Linux (or Unix or Mac OS X), let 
>me know and I can probably >put together a quick HTML page to do this on my 
Thanks for the invitation. Fortunatly I’m using GNU/Linux.

>> cat foo.eps | sed -e "s/0 0 0 setrgbcolor/1 1 1 setrgbcolor/g" > bar.eps

>It simply translates the (0,0,0) triplet (which is black) to the (1,1,1) 
>triplet (which is white).  This is very simplistic and may not do all that you 

Unfortunatly there is no such a sequence in my file:

grep setrgbcolor a1.EPS 
/setcmykcolor{1 sub 4 1 roll 3{3 index add neg dup 0 lt{pop 0}if 3 1 
roll}repeat setrgbcolor pop}wd
/sw/setlinewidth ld/scap/setlinecap ld/sj/setlinejoin ld/sm/setmiterlimit 
ld/sd/setdash ld/rgb/setrgbcolor ld/crgb/currentrgbcolor ld/cmyk/setcmykcolor 
ld/gs/gsave ld/gr/grestore ld

But thank you for gave a try.
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