> Unfortunatly there is no such a sequence in my file:
> grep setrgbcolor a1.EPS
> /setcmykcolor{1 sub 4 1 roll 3{3 index add neg dup 0 lt{pop 0}if 3 1
> roll}repeat setrgbcolor pop}wd
> /sw/setlinewidth ld/scap/setlinecap ld/sj/setlinejoin ld/sm/setmiterlimit
> ld/sd/setdash ld/rgb/setrgbcolor ld/crgb/currentrgbcolor
> ld/cmyk/setcmykcolor ld/gs/gsave ld/gr/grestore ld
> But thank you for gave a try.

I doubted that it would work, but thought that I would try just the same.
It may still be able to be done by converting it to SVG, editing
(automagically), and then converting back.  If you are able, upload the EPS


and I will place around with it.

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