Hi All,

First off, I do not work with ConTexT, but with Lu(La)TeX.
I follow this list looking for pointers.

The way I understand how ConTexT produces output for
epubs is that it just creates HTML.

If ConTexT (or LuaTex) is to produce output for use in epubs
it should map the ConTexT structures to html and the epub format.

That is, it should produce separate files for each chapter.
Furthermore, it should be able to create files for the spine, ncx, css,
and cover page, etc automatically.  This with reduce the amount of 
postprocessing Considerable.

Furthermore, the method could be design to not only epub, but a 
mobi format.

I have just started out on my own ideas for a Lau(La)Tex way of using
it for the creation of ebooks and pdfs from the same source.

Just my two cents, worth. 

Sorry, if I am creating noise here.

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