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> Hello ConTeXist.
> For several years, I use very often my library for processing CSV tables. 
> Even 2 months ago worked flawlessly in both versions (standalone version and 
> ConTeXt TeXLive 2012). I am update standalone version fairly often (at least 
> one times for two months).
> Unfortunately, today I found out that my latest standalone version fails to 
> load the library and the compilation is complete with an error message.
> I find now that I can not detect and correct a problem in the library. Maybe 
> in it any longer unsupported commands. Can someone be read from the attached 
> log file?
> Or I'll have to conserve the previous version of the standalone for my 
> ConTeXt applications?
> I can, if necessary, to send my moduleā€¦

Please provide also a short example for the problem.

If your question is of interest to others as well, please add an entry to the 

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