Thanx very much Wolfgang.

Now is all OK. Unfortunately now is necessary have one version of module for TeXLive version of ConTeXt and second version of module for standalone version.
But it's not much of a problem now for me...

I am afraid, that in the future will my module problematic again and without help I will lose it.
Now very much thanx for your help. I will not have sleepless night...

Jaroslav Hajtmar

Dne 5.6.2013 22:47, Wolfgang Schuster napsal(a):
Am 05.06.2013 um 22:26 schrieb Jaroslav Hajtmar <>:

Hello Wolfgang.
Thanks very much for your interest in my problem.
I am  sending a library and very simple example. When I compile example by 
ConTeXt Lexlive 2012, then is OK - flawless. When I use last standalone version 
to compile then compilation ending with error message.
I note that about two years I have successfully used the module. Just two 
months ago it managed standalone version. Standalone version don't work till in 
last version now.

If the error does not reveal, I'll probably have to use the module only in old 
versions Context. I really need it too often for my job. Processing large bulk 

I do not know whether it makes sense to send this mail to the mailing list, so 
I send it to you privately.
The fixes are simple:

1. Don’t escape braces ("{” and "}"), e.g. line 169 has to be


    and not


2. There is a \ missing in line 248 for the \par command. You wrote


    but it has to be



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