Dear list,

in order to avoid the issue with many references in critical editions
and linenotes, I have a command that makes this automatic (thanks to
Wolfgang’s help).

But the issue is that it breaks the “external” linenote when a linenote
is nested in it.

Here you have a sample:

 \startlinenote[Varia:\MyCounter]{#1] #2}#1%

\startlinenote[one]{hyphenated}this is a test on
\startlinenote[two]{with nested

\CritApp{this is a test on \CritApp{hyphenation}{nested linenote: bad
line number}}{not hyphenated}

All the problem comes from the need to add the body text (the first
argument of the \CritApp command) in the linenote text itself.

Is there a way to make the main linenote in the sample work?

Many thanks for your help,

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